Monthly Archives: October 2012

Another Night on the Trainer

I could not ride outside today as I had a long drive to Olympia and back. So, I jumped on the trainer when I got home.

I intentionally worked harder than my prior trainer rides this month and I succeeded. My average power was 187 watts with an average heart rate of 138 bpm. I watched most of the 2010 Giro di Lombardia and did one minute intervals whenever there was a commercial. I did six strong intervals and I should have stopped there as the seventh was hard.

Indoor Riding on the Trainer

It was raining when I needed to ride my bike. I had two choices; ride my Redline Conquest Ti (my fendered rain bike) outside or my Power Crank equipped Cannondale inside. Both would be nasty. One gets me rain wet and cold. The other gets me sweat wet and hot.

I wimped out and rode inside.

I selected the 2011 Tour of Flanders DVD to watch. This is one that I captured and copied to DVD. My less than expertise was evident as the DVD ended with 17K left to race. That explains my effort variances at the end. Oh well.

Drift Creek Falls Hike

I took a break from cycling today. Joanne and I did a short (3 mile) hike in the Oregon Coast Range to the Drift Creek Falls. After a short walk on a very well maintained trail, you reach the 75 foot horsetail type waterfalls. However, you view the falls from a 240 foot suspension bridge that is 100 feet above the creek.

The Vine Maples were in their fall colors!

Thursday – Walnut Hill

Walnut Hill. This is one of my favorite hills to train on. Perhaps that is because it is close to my home. Perhaps it is because there is little traffic. Perhaps it is because it makes me hurt. Yeah, that’s it.

Walnut hill is 1.8 miles long, gains 442 feet for an average grade of 4.1 percent. But that does not tell the complete story. Walnet Hill does not have constant grade; it stair steps up allowing you to enjoy a very slight recovery but then hits you hard with a steep section. Pure climbing enjoyment!

Today was my third best time (according to Strava). My average was 9.7 mph, my average heart rate was 157 bpm and my average power was 244 Watts. My time was 11:03. I did work very hard, and I do not think I could have worked harder. Since I have only recently begun training again, I am very pleased the my effort.

SBC Wednesday Night Ride

At this time of year in Oregon, it can rain at any time.  Cloud cover is constant.  Wet roads are common.  Riding with rain gear is mandatory.

So, Joanne and I headed out to lead our Salem Bicycle Club ride expecting to get wet, but luck was with us and we enjoyed an easy, dry ride.  Joanne choose a route to the east and TJ and Jean joined us as we rode through the night.  I was feeling good on my Litespeed Appalachian and I found myself out in front, sometimes too far as this is supposed to be a group ride.

I wore what is becoming my Fall weather usual – three layers, tights and my winter shoes. My blue jacket kept me warm but not hot. I never did ride hard, so I did not build up much body heat.


Windsor Inland in the Rain

After a hard day at work, I went for a short ride in the rain on Windsor Inland Road.

The weather was wet and the temperatures were in the low 40s. It was raining when I started and it rained the entire ride. I wore three layers, tights and long fingered gloved. The three layers consisted of a short sleeve base, a long sleeve jersey and my blue jacket. The jacket kept me dry but my socks did get wet as I did not wear booties over my winter shoes.

Although I got wet, and I was riding in the rain, and it was dark, I was having great fun. I felt alive and fast as I peddled my Litespeed Appalachian. Life is good.

Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway – North

Joined friends to ride from Willsonville to Salem and back. At least that was the plan. What actually happened was a ride from Willsonville to Keizer. A rain storm waited out in a filbert grove, a flat tire and a late start meant that I did not have enough time to finish the ride.

Pace was easy with an average speed of 13.9 mph (most of which was into a head wind) and an average heart rate of 105.

I wore three layers again, a base, a long sleeve wool jersey and the blue jacket. Not as much inside wetness but I had the zipper open this time. In the rain, the water did bead up well on the blue jacket. The wool jersey is much too long. Much find a way to shorten it.

First Rain Ride of the Year

The Indian Summer is gone leaving cooler temperatures, clouds and showers. Time to ride the rain bike, my Redline Conquest Ti. In addition to the rain bike, I wore tights, a base layer, a long sleeve jersey and my blue light-weight rain jacket. The jacket is new and it worked well. Rain beaded up but it did not breath as well as I had hoped. My jersey and base layer got sweat soaked.

We did over fifty miles today, with little real climbing, just some rollers that add up after a while. My bike ran well, well enough to get me through the ride. However, there is a “clunk” I feel with my right foot that happens every third or fourth pedal stroke. I can not find the cause, so down to Scotts Cycles it goes.

The weather was wet when I started out. A light rain, more of a “spitting” that does not really get you wet. It was over by the time I reached the Red Lot and once we got some miles in, the sun came out and dried out the roads. We did not see rain for the rest of the ride.

Our one stop of the day was at the famous Markum Inn. I enjoyed a bowl of chili with cheese and onions.