Monthly Archives: February 2015

Grand Ronde – Siletz Perm

Another longish training ride for Race Across Oregon.

I drove down to Grand Ronde and packed my car that the Casino Gas Station.  I was ready to ride just as the sun rose.  This was going to be a good day to ride!

Heading west on US 26, the road was wet from rain the night before.  There was enough water on the road to kick up wetness onto my shoes and lower legs, but I was hoping that I would soon see drive roads.  And I did.

I rode into Pacific City and the shy was almost completely clear.  While is was a bit chilly, the beach goers looked to having great fun.

I took Hwy 101 south all of the way to Newport and then headed inland toward Toledo and then Siletz.  Now, I was a bit inland and enjoying my ride to the north.  Once I reached Lincoln City again, I just retraced my route back to Grand Ronde.