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2013 OUCH TT

OUCH Elevation - distance and elevation in metric

This one hurt! After my nine hour – 146 mile training ride yesterday, my legs were not chipper. I decided to race this as I wanted to work my legs on a hard climb after a long training ride – let’s say Furnace Creek 508 specific training.

Even with tired legs, I set a PR by seven minutes. I am very please with my result, even if I did come in last in my age group.

Nine Hour Training Ride with Hydration Test

My coach prescribed a nine hour training ride with a 36oz hydration test. I was to drink 36oz of fluid every hour. It was not successful

I did nimee 16 mile loops originating at my home. My times were very consistent. They ranged between 55:13.7 and 59:51.9. My total ride time was 8:36:39 and elapsed time was 9:14:01.

As per my coaches instructions, I weighed myself at the beginning of the ride – 196.6 lbs.

My breakfast consisted of a single bottle of Ensure – 8 oz and 250 calories. During loops 2 I began to feel bloated, very bloated. I backed off on calories and fluid intake and felt better soon. I came nowhere close to losing my stomach, but I did not want to put anything into it. However, I did force myself to consume 3oz of Hammer Gel Espresso. I say “force” as I was trying to train myself to eat calories, not food that tastes good. I urinated after the second loop.

Loops 3-7 went well. I urinated after the 7th loop and the color was light yellow. Loop 8 was difficult for me. I was beginning to feel the mileage and my time reflects this – it was my slowest loop. For the first time, I took a “real” break between loop 8 & 9. I sat down and rested. Between all of the other loops I just attended to business – refilling water bottles, etc. Nonetheless, I was off of the bike for less than seven minutes.

Loop 9 went very well. Something about “smelling the barn” can motivate! And, near the end of the loop, I came upon my first real rabbit. I gave chase and worked hard for the catch. This proved to be a good ending to a long ride.

My weight at the end of the ride as 194.6 – a loss of 2 lbs.

Distance: 146.3
Elevation Gain: 2,976
Moving time: 8:36:39
Elapsed Time: 9:13:42
Average Speed: 17.0 mph
Average Heart Rate: 113 bpm
Average Power: 122 watts
Training Stress Score: 514
Average Fluid/hour: 28.6 oz
Average Calories/hour: 272