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Today’s training plan called for a five hour ride. In addition, John “Geoduck” Pearch asked if we could do a 100k permanent. I picked out a ride that has one, large climb that starts about half way between us and suggested it to him. He liked it, so four of us braved a cold morning start in Hillsboro. Joining John and myself were Mark and Jim.

After ten miles of semi-urban riding, we found ourselves at the foot of a 1,400 foot climb in less than five miles. Fun! My training planed called for me to stay below a heart rate of 147 beats per minute so I soon shifted into granny and spun my way up the hill following my three companions by 100 feet or so.

The Bald Peak climb is worthy. Most of it is at a reasonable 6-7%, but there are some pitches at 10%! We spent some time at the top admiring the views, but soon we were descending in the very cold. But the time we reached Newberg, we were ready for a warm coffee shop and some treats. The Coffee Cottage was perfect!

But all too soon, we have to get back into the cold and head northward back to Hillsboro. We enjoyed the flats of Spring Valley Road but did test ourselves on the several rollers along the way. Soon, we were in Forest Grove and decided to visit Mike Olson at Olson’s Bicycles. Mike always has a smile on his face.

From Forest Grove, we were back into urban cycling with lot’s of traffic. However, as we neared our cars, we were on some quieter roads. We finished with over 65 miles and no rear rain!

Heart Rate Zones

Recovery 0 – 117 2:16:51 39.19%
Endurance 118 – 136 1:47:43 30.85%
Threshold 137 – 151 0:38:12 10.94%
Race Pace 152 – 154 0:02:40 0.76%
Max 155 – 250 0:01:26 0.41%

Christmas Day Ride

Christmas is a special day for Joanne and me. In addition to the usual activities, we like to get out for a bicycle ride sometime during the day. This year, as Joanne’s son was celebrating at his in-laws, we had the day to ourselves. We woke up to a steady, light rain and after opening our presents to each other, we dressed for the rain (Joanne in her new Shower Pass bicycle rain jacket) and climbed onto our rain bikes to enjoy our annual Christmas Day Bicycle Ride.

We headed north thinking we might reach the small town of St. Paul. As soon as we exited our neighborhood, we saw a runner who wished us a “Merry Christmas!”. The rain was falling, but it was light and our rain gear was doing a good job of keeping us dry and warm. We decided to ride down to the Wheatland Ferry which is closed just two days of the year – Christmas and Thanksgiving. We the found river very high, high enough to close the ferry even if it was not Christmas Day. The ferry was ‘parked’ against the far river bank. The river itself was nearly up the the gate where I leaned by bicycle.

Leaving the ferry behind, we continued north where we came upon a large Nutria. It was slowly crossing the road and was not afraid of us. We told it that it should get off of the road before we run over it but it continued it’s slow waddle.

The rain continued on and off for the entire day, never heavy, but never quite completely stopped. Once we reached Mahoney Rd, we decided that we have had enough and turned away from St. Paul and back toward home. My coach wanted me to do a three hour ride, so I look a long cut doing the Windsor Island Loop. On the look, I got to surprise a large white cat and a bright red chicken but not at the same time.

Distance 40.8 miles
Elevation Gain 192 feet
Calories 1,595
Time 03:00:21
Elapsed Time 03:10:27
Max Speed 33.7 mi/h
Avg Speed 13.6 mi/h


Endurance Ride

Two groups start their rides at the State of Oregon Red Parking Lot – The Salem Bicycle Club and Capital Velo, the local racing team. I ride with both, but not with Capital Velo for a while. Today however, was my chance.

When I rode into the lot, I saw Jen Akeroyd with the Capital Velo group. I have not seen her since she became pregnant. Today, she was riding for the first time since having a beautiful baby girl – Olivia. Thinking that the pace of their ride would be slow enough for me to hang on, I decided to ride with them today. They did ride slower than usual, but it was hand for me to hand on.

We headed out south to ride the OBRA Championship Course, the only road race I have ever entered. Riding into the wind was tough, but Kurt was up to pulling the rest of us. He is looking really good this off season! Jen rode with us a short while and then decided she had enough and turned back. Mark, TJ and I followed Kurt out to the first tough hill of the route – Wiltsey St SE. I have ridden this before and it is one steep hill. But I took it at my own pace and did not dig too deep. I was the third one over the top. The rest of the day was rollers. I tried to stay within my training goals, but I did let the heart rate climb up too high every now and then. The last big hill of the day was Oak/Liberty and I was the last one to the top. I kept my pace withing training goals, but pushed it for the last 100 feet to the summit receiving a “nicely done” from Kurt who came back to shepherd me to the top.

Total Elapsed Time 3:54:44
Ride Time (Time Moving) 3:39:13
Distance, mi 53.60
Average Speed, mph 13.70
Average Heart Rate 128
Weight, lbs 195.0

Aerobic Capacity

Just another day on the trainer!


Entire Session

Speed 16.7mi/h 27.3mi/h
Cadence 62
Heartrate 127bpm 142bpm
Power 171W 513W
Elapsed Time 01:00:35
Bike Cannondale R600

Endurance Section

Total Elapsed Time 0:45:00
Ride Time (Time Moving) 0:45:01
Distance, mi 12.86
Work, kJ 477
Temperature, °F
Average Power, Watts 177
Average Cadence 63
Average Speed, mph 17.15
Average Heart Rate 129
Weight, lbs 192.0

Aerobic Capacity

Another night on the trainer. My ride plan called for four twenty second all out sprints during a 25 minute warmup, then five seven minute long intervals with four minutes of easy recovery between. Finally a ten minute cool down.

I was looking forward to this workout. I was feeling good. My body was not feeling sore, not even my thighs.

I put on the final hour of the 2011 Paris-Roubaix one day classic and climbed on the trainer. After a few minutes, I realized I had forgotten my head sweat, but choose not to stop the workout and retrieve it. This decision meant that sweat would be running down into my eyes and onto the floor.

The four sprints when well. I spun the power cranks as hard as I could and my power was in the 500 watt range. The main set also went very well. I could see that my power was on the high side, but I felt fine. The purpose of this workout was to work hard and I felt I had more to give so I did not lessen my effort. In the end, my average power for the five intervals was just two points above my target range.


Total Elapsed Time 1:26:51
Ride Time (Time Moving) 1:26:30
Distance, mi 23.59
Work, kJ 842
Temperature, °F
Average Power, Watts 162
Average Cadence 68
Average Speed, mph 16.30
Average Heart Rate 129
Weight, lbs 194.2

Sweet Spot Intervals

Tonight’s ride plan was for a thirty minute warm up, then five six minute intervals between 175 and 187 watts.

Interval Data

Interval Name Duration Distance (miles) Work (kJ) Average Power (watts) xPower (watts) Max Power (watts) Average Heart Rate (bpm) 95% Heartrate (bpm) Average Cadence (rpm) Average Speed (mph) 15 sec Peak Power (watts)
Best 6min #1 (185w) 06:00 1.9 67 185 180 225 144 148 65 18.9 205
Best 6min #2 (184w) 06:00 1.9 66 184 179 214 148 152 65 18.8 195
Best 6min #3 (182w) 05:59 1.9 65 182 177 224 151 157 64 18.8 196
Best 6min #4 (181w) 05:59 1.9 65 181 176 216 151 155 64 18.8 191
Best 6min #5 (181w) 05:59 1.9 65 181 175 226 151 156 64 18.7 197

Entire Training Session Statistics

Total Elapsed Time 1:00:15
Ride Time (Time Moving) 1:00:15
Distance, mi 16.29
Work, kJ 582
Temperature, °F
Average Power, Watts 161
Average Cadence 67
Average Speed, mph 16.23
Average Heart Rate 130
Weight, lbs 195.0

Aerobic Capacity

Entire Training Session Statistics

Total Elapsed Time 1:19:56
Ride Time (Time Moving) 1:19:57
Distance, mi 22.42
Work, kJ 681
Temperature, °F
Average Power, Watts 142
Average Cadence 65
Average Speed, mph 16.83
Average Heart Rate 134
Weight, lbs 195.0

Warm up Intervals

Interval Name Duration Distance (miles) Work (kJ) Average Power (watts) xPower (watts) Max Power (watts) Average Heart Rate (bpm) 95% Heartrate (bpm) Average Cadence (rpm) Average Speed (mph) 15 sec Peak Power (watts)
Best 20sec #1 (519w) 00:19 0.1 10 524 236 564 133 142 98 26.8 535
Best 20sec #2 (451w) 00:20 0.1 9 451 211 504 125 136 89 24.3 483
Best 20sec #3 (426w) 00:19 0.1 8 426 191 455 124 133 89 24.4 429
Best 20sec #4 (390w) 00:20 0.1 8 390 182 451 114 125 82 22.6 408