Oct 302014

Distance 16.8 mi
Moving Time 1:00:13
Avg Speed 16.7 mi/h
Avg Watts 178 W
Elev Gain 0 ft


Tonight, I rode to “The Hunted” by Sufferfest. This vid is an hour long and contains a 20 minute climb with surges. Then, you get to do five, increasing sprints. The first is 10 seconds long with a 50 second recovery, the next is 20 seconds long with a 40 second recovery. This goes on until the fifth and final sprint is 50 seconds long after just a 10 second recovery.


The graphic reflects my effort. The blue line is speed, the purple line is power and the red line is heart rate. My heart rate at the beginning was 129 and it peaked at 160 bpm.

It was fun.

After my trainer session, I did my core exercises.

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