Nov 062014

Avg Max
Speed 17.3 mi/h 20.8 mi/h
Heart Rate 138 bpm 158 bpm
Cadence 61 143
Power 199 Watts 348 Watts
Calories 605
Temperature 73?
Elapsed Time 45:19


I tested out TrainerRoad ( tonight. Easy to set up, easy to pair my ant+ devices (powertap wheel and heart rate monitor) and went for a ride.

The website offers a multitude of workouts and I just pick the first one that seemed interesting – California Roads. Once loaded, I learned that the video that goes with the workout is an extra cost item, so instead I watched my DVD of the 1992 Raris Roubaix. I have to admit that this workout hurt me as much as the cobbles were hurting Greg LeMond.

I was not completely rested tonight, and as such, I found myself tiring quickly. The workout is 55 minutes long, but I shorten it by ten minutes. Nonetheless, it was fun!