Nov 082014

It’s Saturday, so it must be hill climbs.

I was having (yet more) work done on my car so I was limited in the choice of hills I could climb today.  But that is OK as I was close to Fox Road, so that is where I headed.

Just like last weekend, there was low clouds that was almost fog.  But this weekend, I dressed a bit better.  I wore my winter cycling shoes, wool socks and brought two sets of gloves with me – a light climbing set and a heavy descending set.  I was ready.

I decided to ride up State Street – a good, long climb.  As I gained altitude, the clouds became more than fog and less like clouds.  The temperature dropped also, dipping down from the low 40’s to the high 30’s.

After reaching the end of State St., I continued on Doerfler Road and came upon some trash that someone had left along side of the road.

People, please pick up your trash!

After Doerfler, came Fox Road to Drift Creek to Victor Point and back to Fox. This loop is 8.7 miles long and I did it twice, just because it’s twice as nice.


Ride Statistics

Avg Max
Speed 13.6 mph 35.3 mph
Heart Rate 122 bpm 148 bpm
Cadence 67 254
Power 136 Watts 509 Watts
Calories 1,861
Temperature 39?
Elapsed Time 3:47:30


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